Engine Reconditioning 

We offer complete, in-house Engine Reconditioning

Petrol, Diesel, Crankshafts, Heads and Blocks, Rebores, Resleeves, Grinds, Rebuilds, Computerised Diamond Honing , CNC Valveseat Machining, Computerised Balancing, we can do it all here.

We also recondition Microlite Aircrafts & Outboard Engines

With our machines combined with HPE's experience & knowledge, we can provide you with precision, quality & best of all a longer lasting engine.

We provide FREE advise on your engine, your budget & your expectations.


Every owner & every engine have their own history & future, we understand the individual need of each.

Bring in your engine, head, block, barrel or crankshaft etc for your FREE price, tailored to your needs.

If you have any questions please ask, we are always willing to help the best we can.



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