We are regularly learning & developing something new on our CNC machines. As you can imagine with technology there are always changes, updates & so much to learn. Each team member takes the time to learn new high tech formulas, controls & functions on these up to date machines.

HPE are proud of the high quality, precise & high performance results we recieve not only word of mouth but at the finish line.

We would like to share our experience, technology & knowledge with you via these videos. Please contact us should you have any questions about what we can do for you or simply what our videos may inspire you to do with your engine.

Please bare with our shaky hands & amateur video making skills. We apologise there is no running commentary &/or sound in the videos, as these are taken in real time you can imagine the many other sounds of machines, compressors, our wonderful intercom system;), general interruptions etc going on at the exact same time. All are welcome to view the machines in action, real life, should you visit our workshop.

Video A - Machining a Chevy 350 Block Lifter bores to prime the fit & bore of brass bushes


Video B - Machining a Honda B18 Block to prepare the fit of Darton Sleeves