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Our trading hours are Monday - Friday 8am - 5pm
We offer full eftpos facilities on site 

HPE Automotive Services is Christchurch’s leading Performance Engine Reconditioner.

From High Performance V8’s through to Formula Fords, passenger vehicles, small petrol right through to large diesel engines,  jetskis, motorbikes, microlite aircrafts and outboard / marine engines.

With State-of-the-Art Technology Machines HPE Automotive Services can offer you ‘Precision at its Best’
We have a major advantage over our competitors with the latest technology machinery for example we have the only CNC cylinder head machine in NZ that can guarantee the most accurate valve seats in the world, giving you more horse power.

Our newest Edition is a Brand New 4-axis CNC Rottler Machine F69A, so new Rottler are still getting the word out about this themselves.

We provide FREE advise on your engine, your budget & your expectations.

Every owner & every engine have their own history & future, we understand the individual need of each.

Bring in your engine, head, block, barrel or crankshaft etc for your FREE price, tailored to your needs.
HPE offers the latest in Machining Technology

Valve Machining        Seat Machining        Balancing        Resleeve        Honing        Diamond Honing          Line Honing          'Mallory'         

Lathe work          Line Boring         Reboring          Block Surfacing          Head Surfacing        Crankshaft Grinds          Lathe work             Crankshaft Rebuilds         

Bead blasting          Mill work         Complete Engine Rebuilds          Dismantle          Assemble        Acid Clean           Refacing          Welding          Blueprinting         

Thread repairs          PLUS MUCH MORE..........

HPE is also a supplier of piston kits, conrods, gaskets, valve springs, valves, camshafts, bearings, blocks, cylinder heads, crankshafts & much more  

We are Capricorn Society Members and South Island's only Engine 
Reconditioner Supplier
HPE Automotive Services are proud and most importantly, active 
members of NZ Engine Reconditioners Association

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