Our Services


Engine Reconditioning all makes and models.

We offer complete, in-house Engine Reconditioning, including:

  • Petrol
  • Diesel
  • Crankshafts
  • Heads and Blocks
  • Rebores, Resleeves
  • Rebuilds
  • Computerised Diamond Honing
  • CNC Valveseat Machining
  • Computerised Balancing

We can do it all here. We also recondition Microlite Aircrafts and Outboard Engines with our machines combined with HPE's experience and knowledge, we can provide you with precision, quality and best of all a longer lasting engine. We provide FREE advice on your engine, your budget and your expectations.  

Every owner and every engine have their own history and future, and we understand the individual needs of each. Bring in your engine, head, block, barrel or crankshaft etc. for your FREE price, tailored to your needs. If you have any questions please ask, we are always willing to help the best we can.


When it comes to Performance Engines we can do it all. Check out a few of our regular International and National Performance customers and proud moments.


  • Crack, pressure and harden testing
  • Valve and seat machining
  • Surface milling
  • Flow testing


  • Rebore, resleeve and honing (diamond honing)
  • Degreasing
  • Crack testing and repairing
  • Line honing and Line boring
  • Cylinder sleeves / liners fitted
  • Maching for O Rings
  • Upper and Lower deck repairs
  • Oversize lifter bores
  • Counter boring
  • Crankshaft grinding
  • Block surfacing
  • Superflow Dyno


Motorcycle motors all makes & models from motorX to road bikes.

  • Rebore and resleeve
  • Honing (diamond honing nicasal cylinder)
  • Valve seat machining
  • Valve refacing
  • Crankshaft grinding
  • Custom machining
  • Custom welding
  • Rebuild crankshafts
  • Machine MultiValve Cylinder Heads
  • Supply gaskets, pistons, conrods


Jetski motors from sports, leisure or race models. All makes & models.

  • Rebore
  • Resleeve
  • Rebuild crankshafts
  • Supply new crankshafts
  • Supply & fit gaskets, pistons, conrods

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