Our Workshop

Performance and race engine building or reconditioning has always been a very exacting science that requires considerable know-how, experience and machining savvy.

One of the keys to reconditioning and building engines that are consistent race winners is the ability to closely control and maintain exact tolerances and machining geometry. It’s all about making sure blocks are square, that deck surfaces are flat and parallel to the crankshaft centreline, that bore centrelines & lifter bores are exactly where they should be.

It’s demanding work that requires precise measurements and top notch equipment. And that's why we decided to build a one-stop shop capable of carrying out the best work on all types of vehicles.

  • Rottler H85AX

    Cylinder finish is becoming a science as the demands continue to grow.  This advanced machine uses computer driven load sensing to control the diamond honing stones, with CNC Automatic Vertical Honing with hole-to-hole automation.

    Our new Rottler H85AX is a special version product machine. This means that it can move automatically in X axis, provigingprogrammable hole-to-hole block honing, i.e. hones a line of cylinders unattended. Many Engine Blocks have interference in the lower bore area which can damage honing stones and holders so our new Rotter H85AX has an automatic lower crash protection system, meaning the machine will check bores for interference, thus avoiding potential damage to honing stones and holders.

  • F69A Machine - Multi Centre

    Arrived in NZ, September 2011. Our newest edition to the workshop.

    The F69A fixed-spindle machine is truly on the cutting edge of today’s high performance technology, with its touch screen programmable CNC controls on a total size of 2.9 high, 2.3 metres deep & 3.3 metres wide this machine is an awesome site to see.

    The F69A is a truly amazing machining center. Blueprint bore, Line bore, Deck blocks, Surface heads, true lifter bores, automatic milling to size, all in fully automatic operational modes.

    The F69A multi purpose CNC machine centre provides versatility & precision for Boring, Surfacing & line boring, needed by today’s performance engine builders, enthusiasts, racers or everyday use. This machine is truly on the cutting edge of today’s high performance technology, with its programmable online CNC control.

  • Hines Industries Eliminator - Custom Built for HPE

    Our Hines custom made Eliminator can be used to balance crankshafts, camshafts, and various other rotors.

    Our balancing machine is more than capable of balancing rotating components with different bore sizes. Rotating components include Rotors, flywheels, flexplates, pulleys, dampers, pump impellers, fans, turbocharger compressor wheels, propellers etc.

    The New digital control technology providing you as our customer the best in accuracy, reliability & quality.

    Mill/ Drill combination - The mill/drill head rotates 180 degrees to accommodate the separate functions: mill pistons and rod ends, or drilling and tapping operations, all with the same machine; A rugged hard-bearing suspension that gives high sensitivity and permanent calibration;

    Digital Scale -  for connecting rod matching including a rigid rod moment weighing device that eliminates sway and allows fast, accurate loading. The scale display resolution is 0.1 grams.

    Why balance ? Balance does matter with everything that spins or reciprocates in the engine and drive train.This includes the crankshaft rods and pistons, as well as the flywheel or flexplate, clutch or torque converter, the harmonic balancer and drive pulleys, the cooling fan, the turbocharger impeller shaft, the driveshaft and the camshaft(s).... Consequently, imbalance hurts horsepower as well as smoothness and engine longevity.

  • SM8 Rottler Machine

    Fine Surface , finish infinitely variable speeds and feeds allows surface finished as low as 2Ra to 6Ra for today's MLS (Multi Layer Steel) head gaskets.

    We can offer you with this machine the latest in Control Technology. State of the art controls make the most advanced surfacing machines available today. This machine is capable of surfacing large diesel heads such as CAT3406, and diesel blocks such as Detroit V71 and Mercedes OM440. Large flat T Slot Base allows the mounting of any fixture and any job.

  • Newen Contour BB

    This is the only machine of its kind in New Zealand. We’ve imported it from France & only had it a couple of months before using it on local vehicles. Some car owners were previously sending their engines to the US or Australia to get this work done & we can now offer it right here in Christchurch.

    CNC single-point machine offers custom built valve seat profiles. The accuracy of the machine is second to none, it cuts perfectly true, round valve seats, which in turn improves horse power.

    The machine of the engine rebuilder, universal, conceived to machine to perfection on all common cylinder heads with valve seats, ranging in diameter from 13.5mm to 100mm+ (.53" - 3.94"+) in all types of materials.

    It can ream up to 75mm (2.95") long valve guides and significantly improve softer material machining with carbide, cermet and diamond cutting tools.